Low-cost hall-effect sensors for real-time monitoring pier scour

Our proposed scour monitoring system utilized low-cost commercial sensors, hall-effect sensors (unit price <; $1) that is capable of real-time measuring bridge pier scour with resolution of ca. 2.5 cm, and overall cost for single sensor node of our work is at least 40% less expensive than existing work. The hall-effect sensor is evaluated under controlled conditions in a laboratory flume.

After scour event, the typical voltage change of the hall-effect sensor is ~ 300 mV, and the system achieves signal-to-noise ratio performance of 60 dB. Finally, we also provide an equation to predict the time variation of scour depth around pier model. Moreover, our system adopts master-slave architecture has scalability and flexibility for mass deployment. We believe that our system has the potential for further widespread implementation in the field.

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