Wireless Network simulation

Wireless Network Simulation Projects for Engineering students

Wireless network is an interconnection of many systems capable of providing service to mobile users within a particular geographic region.

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In wireless network Simulation the data’s are carried by the electrical wave from one node to another. There is no need for physical cable/wire connecting among one computer to another.


Components of wireless network:

  • Mobile switching center (MSC)
  • PSTN (Public Telecommunication Switching Network)
  • Base station (BS)


Types of wireless networking mode:

  • Ad-hoc mode
  • Infrastructure mode

Sample code for wireless network Simulation using NS3 Simulator:

This is the code of MAC layer configuration in wireless network topology construction.

WifiHelper wifi = WifiHelper::Default()


NqosWifiMacHelper mac= NqosWifiMacHelper::Default();

Ssid ssid= Ssid(“ns-3-ssid”);

Mac.SetType(“NqstaWifiMac”,”Ssid”, SsidValue(Ssid), “ActiveProbing”, BooleanValue(false));

Wireless Network simulation Projects for students

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