NS3 Simulation Projects

NS3 referred as network simulator 2 a discrete event packet level simulator. We offer NS3 simulation projects which concentrated on evaluating network protocol, large scale and complex network system performance. We develop NS3 projects for college students with new network element as classes. We implement NS3 simulation projects with C++ programming language for hierarchical class module. We provide NS3 in simulation projects for the substantial framework, queuing algorithm and routing algorithm. We use object oriented tool command language to develop NS3 project codes.

Wireless Sensor Network for Mobile Target Detection:

We use WSN for surveillance application to monitor targeted location with WSN topology. We implement NS3 simulation framework which select wireless sensor node position to detect mobile target.


We use integer linear programming model to analyze wireless connection, non uniform sensing and heterogeneous devices


We adapt wireless sensor network in more than 80+ projects to measure detection quality, installation cost and path capacity.

Trust aware routing framework for WSN in NS3:

We implement multihop routing methods in WSN nodes which cannot attain high reliable communication due to lack of protection against routing information.


For multihop problem, encryption and authentication techniques does not ensure better result. So we introduce trust aware routing framework to reduce message overhead.


This ensures node trustworthiness to take routing decision. We can effectively identify forget routing messages.

NS3 in Cognitive Radio Network:

We carried out M.Tech projects in cognitive radio network with Ns3 simulation.

  • MAC Scheme In Cognitive Radio Network:

We implement cognitive radio network to allocate frequency spectrum for primary and secondary users. We use MAC channel to separate available spectrum level to all users. We deploy CDMA, TDMA and polling method in cognitive radio network to ensure an optimum resource allocation. We offer NS3 simulation projects in cognitive radio network to analyze spectrum sensing algorithm, intrusion detection algorithm and routing protocol performance based on concept of Springer papers.

  • Adaptive EDCA Mechanism for VANET:

We adopt WAVE for wireless access in vehicular environment. We ensure network environment support for high speed data transaction with safety and mobility application. We enhance WAVE for medium access radio in Vanet by IEEE 802.11 EDCA mechanism. We use NS3 to design collision control mechanism, contention window for VANET.