EvalVid NS3

QoE Monitor is an open-source software module for Network Simulator 3 ( EvalVid NS-3), usable to perform Quality-of-Experience (QoE) evaluations of multimedia communications in simulative networks.Its design has been inspired by EvalVid NS3.


Features of Evalvid ns3:

  • 711 audio transmission.
  • PSNR/SSIM computation for H.264 video transmission.
  • Receiver side jitter estimation, according to RFC 3550.
  • Basic RTP emulation.
EvalVid NS3

Sample code Evalvid ns3:
Ptr lteHelper = CreateObject ();
//Ptr epcHelper = CreateObject ();
Ptr epcHelper = CreateObject ();
lteHelper->SetEpcHelper (epcHelper);
Ptr pgw = epcHelper->GetPgwNode ();

// Create a single RemoteHost
NodeContainer remoteHostContainer;
remoteHostContainer.Create (1);
Ptr remoteHost = remoteHostContainer.Get (0);
InternetStackHelper internet;
internet.Install (remoteHost);

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