Network security is an important challenge in network. We implement network security to identify malware action and users. We offer final year Projects on network security to find various securities to find various technical issues in network. We provide various algorithms to preserve data and management. We carry out transformation of data by encryption algorithm to eliminate various security issues and performance degradation. We develop network security based projects for computer science engineering students and researchers to do research in network domain.

Algorithms used in network security projects
Algorithms used in network security projects


Network Security Genetic Algorithm projects:

We implement genetic algorithm to ensure a solution for optimized problems and we can solve various network security issues. Genetic algorithm provides back propagation for neural networks. We adopt back propagation model in genetic algorithm for M.E/ M.Tech projects to forecast non linear time series for various network security scenario. Convergence speed and forecast accuracy are enhanced by back propagation neural network.


Gradient Algorithm Network Security projects:

We use gradient algorithm to generate and reduce complexity of attack graph network which is an important analysis in network. Efficiency of attack graph generation are enhanced and complexity reduced by gradient algorithm. We adopted this algorithm in more than 70+ projects in an efficient way which reflects on network defense hierarchy and gradient attack assumption. For large complex network design, we create security graph by gradient algorithm.


Adaptive Algorithm for Network Security:

To analyze network communication security, we use adaptive weighted algorithm and it work on the basis of fuzzy logic. We use this algorithm to detect security threat, network attack, and security counter character. For effective network security in quantification model we use adaptive algorithm.

Chaos Algorithm:

We use chaos algorithm to enhance security in surveillance radar network, pseudo random number generator. Various security communications are handled among radar and master station. We require various encryption algorithms for large network system to provide best surveillance security in radar communication system.


Kaiman Filtering:

We use prediction algorithm in network security which is the basis of kaiman filtering and contain correlation factor. Using correlation factor we can analyze various methods. To produce better real time performance in prediction process we use kaiman filtering algorithm derived from IEEE based papers. To enhance network preservation we use prediction process in network.