NS3 Manet Simulation Projects

Mobile Ad-hoc network is a main category of wireless Ad-hoc network. Mobile Ad-hoc network composed of mobile nodes with undefined structure. We develop MANET network design and architecture by NS3 simulator. We offer NS3 Manet simulation project to implement wireless based application in network for M.Tech projects. We support students to develop Manet projects with more innovative ideas methods and algorithms. We simulate NS3 to ensure efficient simulation environment to develop wide area network by Manet. We adopted Manet in more than 95+ projects to eradicate various issues in Network.


Features of MANET Simulation Projects:

We adopt following features which implemented in academic projects are:

  • Multi Hop Routing:

Packets delivered through one (or) more nodes.

  • Autonomous Terminal:
  • Manet can perform as both router and host.
  • MANET and mobile node have light weight terminal
  • Distributed Operation:
  • No fixed network control and management are provided.
  • Manet operation is distributed among terminals.
  • Dynamic Network Topology:

Topologies are frequently changes and mobile nodes are dynamically established routing among themselves.



Application of MANET Simulation Projects:

We implement MANET in following application based on Elsevier papers as:-

  • Provide Ad hoc Communication during conference and meeting.
  • Tactical network such as military communication and automated battlefields.
  • Personal area network.
  • Education applications like virtual class room and conference rooms.
  • Multiuser games and outdoor internet access.
  • Emerging service like Rescue operations, search and disaster recovery.
Features of MANET Simulation Projects

Topologies are frequently changes and mobile nodes are dynamically established routing among themselves.

Medium Access Control in MANET:

We use MANET with broadcasting and shared transmission media to ensure a probability of packet collision and media contention. We have major collision problem which create new challenge for CSMA/CD and MAC based protocols. We use MAC based MACA (Multiple access with Collision Avoidance) protocol to avoid hidden terminal and exposed terminal problem in MANET.

DSDV Protocol in MANET:

We use destination sequence distance vector which is a proactive routing protocol contain new attribute called sequence number. Every node maintain routing table to store next hop, cost metric for each destination, sequence number created by destination. Every node in DSDV has monotonic increase sequence number to update path to Destination.

DSR Protocol:

DSR is called as dynamic source Routing protocol which is a type of reactive routing protocol called as demand protocol. By this protocol, source node initiate route discovery through route request flood in network. Route Request in DSR is processed by broadcast in MANET. We use sequence number to find request and eradicate network loop. Appropriate receiver is used to send Route reply to source node

Security Issues in MANET:

We faced a major issues in MANET is security. To preserve a network we use two way reactive approaches to detect security threats and act based on threats. Proactive approaches try to preserve attacker from affecting nodes through some cryptographic techniques.