Network Simulator Open Source

Network Simulator Open source

Ns3 is a GNU GPLv2-licenced project.

Python is often a glue language.

Ns3 is not a backwards-compatible with NS-2.

NS3 Tutorial

Features of ns3 ( Network Simulator Open Source):

  • The mobility model may not be needed say for example wired netdevices do not know the node position at all.
  • Reduces the memory footprint of the simulation.
  • New features can be easily added in future. For example energy models.
  • No memory waste in IPV4 stack for nodes that don’t need it.
  • No memory is allocated for virtual zero bytes.
  • For dummy application data that we don’t care about.

Ns3 abstractions:

  • Channels.
  • Nodes.
  • Applications.
  • NetDevisce
  • Packets.
  • Topology helpers, which aggregates functionality of modules to make common operations easier than using the low-level API. It consists of:

Helper classes

Container objects

Ns3 Video Tutorial

Ns3 Video Tutorial – Latest NS3 Projects Output

Ns3 Tutorial

Ns3 Tutorial – Guide to Various Network Projects

Journal Support

Paper Publication for NS3 Simulation Projects

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Contact Us- Customized Ns3 Simulator Projects

Sample code for ns3 ( Network Simulator Open source):

This is the sample code for how to set node color in ns3.
AnimationInterface * pAnim = 0;
struct rgb {
uint8_t r;
uint8_t g;
uint8_t b;
struct rgb colors [] = {
{ 255, 0, 0 }, // Red
{ 0, 255, 0 }, // Blue
{ 0, 0, 255 } // Green

static uint32_t index = 0;
if (index == 3)
index = 0;
struct rgb color = colors[index];
for (uint32_t nodeId = 4; nodeId < 12; ++nodeId) pAnim->UpdateNodeColor (nodeId, color.r, color.g, color.b);