Network Simulator Linux

NS-3 is a free software simulation platform which aims at network technology and whose source code is open. NS-3 contains an abundance of modules, almost relating to all the aspects of network technology. It’s an open source software development


Network Simulator Linux

  • Most often the network simulations are done using the Linux.
  • The ns3 is also developed by the Linux/Ubuntu or windows.
  • If we want to develop ns3 programs in windows means we have to use the additional supporting software is that cygwin.
  • Cygwin is also first of all creating the Linux environment in windows then only we can execute the programs.
  • When compared with ns2, ns3 is simple and easy to learn.
  • Whatever it is we want to install and execute ns3 programs means we need Linux platforms.

Ns3 Video Tutorial

Ns3 Video Tutorial – Latest NS3 Projects Output

Ns3 Tutorial

Ns3 Tutorial – Guide to Various Network Projects

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  • From that ns3, we can simulate any kind of networks and gather the network performance.
  • The networks are,
  • Wired network
  • Wireless network

Wireless sensor network.

Mobile ad hoc network.

Vehicular ad hoc network.

Cognitive network.

Cognitive radio network.

Under water sensor network.

Robotic sensor network.

Neural network.

Green computing.

  • The network parameters are,

Packet delivery ratio.





Control overhead.