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Research Thesis Using Ns3 Simulator

In this research thesis section we are going to discuss about the two different types of network and their regarding research topics. There are,

  • Robotic sensor network
  • Cooperative network
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Robotic sensor network: – Research Thesis in Ns3

  • Robotic sensor networks are distributed systems in which mobile robots carry sensors around an environment to detect phenomena and produce detailed environmental assessments.
  • robotic sensor networks can dynamically concentrate the sensing robots around a place of interest
  • A robotic sensor network does not require any fixed infrastructure and thus its use is appropriate when a single campaign of EMF measurements is required


Applications of robotic sensor network:

  • Monitoring application
  • Efficient searching
  • Rescue application
  • Security
  • Tsunami identification

Underwater distillation

Architecture of Robotic Sensor Network

Cooperative network: [Research Thesis in NS3]

The main scope of this cooperative network is to increase the quality of wireless links in network by performing productive cooperation.


Research areas of cooperative communication:

  • Performing multihop communication in network
  • Designing power allocation scheme to maximizing the channel capacity
  • Effective resource utilization
  • Analysis of joint power and channel resource allocation problem for orthogonal multiple access relay system to maximize the achievable rate region
  • Security

Bottleneck resource management

Achitecture of cooperative Communication Network

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