NS3 Network Simulator

NS3 Projects With Source code.

Ns3 project are implemented in an effective way. Using an NS3 simulation, we can implement various network such VANET, Adhoc Network, Sensor network and more network. We handle and support various attacks under ns3 simulation. We ensure various security remedies for security attacks based on IEEE papers using NS3 simulation. We use fault localization, route discovery and detection by ns3 simulation in an efficient way by our expertise team members.

To develop NS3 projects we require the following components.

  • Node: Computer with CPU, mother board, RAM and I/O interface.
  • Socket: interface among application and network stack.
  • Net Device: Network card plugged with IO interfaces.
  • Application: packet generator and consumer to run network under simulation.
  • Channel: connection between group of device objects.


Our organization develops various ns3 projects for B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech final year students. We provide documentation, project base paper, reference paper, source code, and final output screen shot are given to every project. We support and develop various international standard papers such as ACM, Elsevier, Science Direct, Springer and IEEE journals.

We provide a special training to researchers by research professionals with various research projects and guide research scholars to develop their project, prepare for technical thesis, journal preparation and international conference papers. We also prepare a research thesis and guide clients with technical knowledge about the paper. Our organization contains more than 50 developers to implement NS3 simulation. Our developers analyze every paper and mention the drawback, project objective, propose system, performance factors, reference papers, software requirement and estimated time to complete the projects. We explain every concept to clients, based on their opinion and commitment we start the projects.  We deliver the project at the estimated time.

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Ongoing Ns3 Projects for B.E,B.Tech Students

Ongoing Ns3 Projects for M.E,M.Tech Students

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