Network Projects for B.Tech

Network referred as a set of computer, servers, network devices, mainframes, peripherals or other device connected to one another which permit data to share and use we offer network projects for B.TECH which ensure wired and wireless network communication. We developed more network based projects such as Adhoc network, wireless sensor network, mobile Adhoc network and wireless security network for students. We guide B.TECH students in computer science, information technology and electronics communication can do final year projects in wired and wireless network, digital signal processing, power system, wireless communication and mobile technology.

Network Projects for B Tech Students

Network security Projects for B.Tech students:

We ensure network security composed of provision and policies adopted by network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse modification or computer network denial and network accessible resources. We provide network security with network authorization to access data which is controlled by network administrator. We determine network security with computer network as public & private which is used in communication among business and individuals.

Security based network projects:

We provide following service in network security projects from Springer papers are:

Message confidentiality:

Computer system information & transmitted information are accessible only by authorized users.


Only authorized user can modify computer system assests & transmitted information.


Identify message or file when the assurance is true.

Non repudiation:

Cryptographic system prevents sender to send a message.

Identification & authorization.

research on robotic sensor network of projects in ns3

Types of network security attacks:

We implement and handle following attacks in network security are:

Denial of service:

Attacker deny authorized user to access network by sending unwanted network traffic.

Password attacks:

Dictionary attacks & brute force use strong password which is highly recommended.

Packet sniffer:

In this attacker analyze, display, capture and read network by data exchange.

Wireless network security:

We provide wireless network security with following factors are:

  • Adhoc mode.
  • Access point.
  • Open system identification.
  • Wireless local area network.
  • Wired equivalent privacy protocol.
  • Service set identifier.
  • Infrastructure mode.
  • WI-FI protected access.
  • Shared key authentication.


Security tools:

By using the following security tools, we developed more than 100+ projects in network security. The security tools are:

  • Identity services.
  • Antivirus software package.
  • DNS hardware & software.
  • Security management.
  • Virtual private network.
  • Encryption.
  • Secure network infrastructure.

Types of network security:

We implement following security in our projects are:

  • Perimeter protection.
  • Wireless encryption protocol.
  • Physical security.
  • MAC addresses filtering.
  • User training & education.


We attain following benefits Network Projects for B.Tech studentsare:

  • Improve security,Sharing.
  • Reduced cost,Flexible access.
  • Centralized software management.
  • Connectivity,Electronic mail.
  • Increased speed.