Vanet Projects

VANET is described as vehicular ad-hoc networks to monitor communication among vehicles to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure, and vehicle to road system. We offer and support Vanet projects for final year engineering students in the background of ECE, CSE, and IT. Vanet projects initially developed to avoid accident ratio in high way track. Vanet are implemented by simulation tool and it does not need any sensor device or GPS service for vehicle communication. We implemented various VANET application in more than 75+ projects to handle various issues  are traffic signal modification, breakdown warning and rail cross violation.


Attacks in VANET:

We determined various attacks by Science Direct Papers. We handled various attacks and destroyed in VANET communication by our team are:

  • Denial of Service Attack:

It is a harmful attack, hacker jam the communication and it does not allow to authenticate a user to access network.

  • Distributed Denial Of Service Attack:

As the name specifies it distribute the attack to all nodes in network. It place attacks at different locations. Very difficult to locate the attacks in Vanet because provide an intrusion message among vehicles.

  • Sybil Attack:

In this attack, attacker sends more messages with different ID for various vehicles. It creates a traffic jam in important area.

The following attacks are handled and destroyed by various security mechanism implementations in VANET Project by our team.

MAC Protocol projects:

We apply network coding aware cooperative medium access protocol for wireless sensor and mobile Ad-hoc Networks. By the implementation of this protocol by us it increase throughput and reduce delay in network communication. It also deployed in cooperative communication to achieve better network performance.

SET-IBS Protocol:

For effective communication in VANET we implement and offer this set-IBS protocol. By the appliance, we can cover wide range of wireless device for monitor and measure environmental conditions. It is also used for master secret key is maintained in every identity node.

Gradient Time Synchronization Protocol:

This protocol is supported by us to understand and analyze time, clock, ordering event for both distributed and wireless networks. Every event maintains a common time sequence. WE implement Vanet Projects with various time sequences. GTSP also reduce the clock errors among nodes.

Performance metrics of MAC routing protocol


LEACH Protocol projects:

This protocol is commonly implemented in many B.E/B.Tech projects and we provide effective result. Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy protocol is used to consume energy in wireless sensor devices in VANET Domain. It classifies the routing protocol into grade routing, position routing and plane routing. LEACH consider as a grade routing for adaptive cluster formation and cluster head position.