Network composed of various computers that are linked to share resources such as printers, CDs, file exchange or allow electronic communications. We offer network projects for M.TECH can be an academic or professional master degree in the field of engineering. We provide network projects for M.TECH with various network communications. We support network projects for M.TECH students which cover almost all segments of core electronics & communication, digital signal processing, digital image processing, power system, grid computing, wireless communication.

Wireless ad hoc network projects for M.TECH

Wireless Adhoc network: Adhoc network composed of set of networks in which every device have equal status on network & freely associate with any network within a link range.

Types of Adhoc protocol: We implemented following protocols in more than 80+ projects in network are

Oriented routing table (table-driven):

We ensure active routing environment with interval between wireless nodes will send medical information with more paths. Every wireless node work on the basis of gathered information to change route table.

Hybrid: It is an enhancement of global position system and other system in the study of mechanism to facilitate quick search routing and data transmission.

Types of Adhoc network:

We implement various Adhoc network from ACM journal papers are:

Mobile Adhoc network (MANET):

We ensure mobile Adhoc network a group of independent network mobile device which connected by various wireless links.

Mobile Adhoc sensor network:

We provide mobile Adhoc sensor network to communicate directly with centralized controller. This network referred as hybrid Adhoc network contain number of sensors in large geographical area.

Isolated Adhoc network:

We determine isolated Adhoc network which all nodes are communicated with each other within the same Adhoc network. It has no connection with any infrastructure based communication network.

Demand driven (on-demand): In this process, when node require to send packets then it prepare to send routing table. When wireless node require sending data to another node, the source client call a path discovery process & stored in register.

We categories isolated Adhoc network as:

Features of Adhoc network:

We adopt following features are:

  • Constraint resources such as bandwidth,
  • Battery lifetime.
  • Computation power.
  • Operating without central coordinator.
  • Instant deployment.
  • Multi hop radio relaying.
  • Frequent link breakage due to mobile nodes.


Ad hoc Network Projecs for M Tech Students

Application of Adhoc wireless network:

We implement Adhoc wireless network in following application are:

  • Mesh network.
  • Military applications.
  • Multihop cellular network.
  • Collaborative computing.
  • Wireless community networks.
  • Emergency rescue.
  • Wireless sensor network.