ECPP: Efficient Conditional Privacy Preservation Protocol

This chapter proposes the use of the novel Efficient Conditional Privacy Preservation (ECPP) protocol for secure vehicular communications. The proposed protocol gains merits in the rapid verification of safety messages and provides an efficient conditional privacy-tracking mechanism. The chapter also focuses on conditional privacy preservation, in which the two security issues, Efficient Safety Message Anonymous Authentication and Efficient Tracking on the Source of a Disputed Safety Message are addressed.

The proposed ECPP protocol consists of four parts: system initialization, onboard units (OBU) short-time anonymous key generation, OBU safety message generation and sending, and OBU fast tracking algorithm. In analyzing the conditional privacy preservation of the ECPP protocol, the focus is mainly on the unlinkability, i.e., the moving tracking attack on OBUs’ location. The proposed ECPP protocol can achieve much better efficiency than its counterparts group signature technique based (GSB) and huge anonymous keys based (HAB).

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