New Beamforming and Relay Selection for Two-Way Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks

Multiple access broadcasting (MABC) is a spectral efficient protocol in two-way relay channel (TWRC). The drawback of this protocol in decode-and-forward (DF) mode is decoding complexity at the relay side. Erroneous decoding at the relay can lead to error propagation that degrades the performance of all relay networks operating in the DF mode. In this paper, a maximum likelihhood (ML) detector at the multiple antenna relay is used and it is proved that this decoding rule can achieve full diversity order at the multiple access (MAC) phase of the MABC protocol.

Then, a new beamforming algorithm named as channel alignment is proposed and it is shown that it achieves full diversity order. A new relay selection algorithm is also proposed and a tight upper bound for the bit error rate (BER) of this scheme is derived and it is proved that it achieves full diversity order. The analytical results and BER performance of the proposed schemes are investigated and compared through simulations.

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