Framework of N-Screen services based on PVR-micro data center and PMIPv6 in cloud computing

Most of today smart devices (e.g. smart phone, tablets, etc) are mobile and can access the internet through wireless network which is almost everywhere. For mobility support, IETF developed PMIPv6 to enable user devices to be connected to the internet without being disconnected when passing by different network areas. Unlike wired network, a wireless network increased the potential threats to every device that is wirelessly connected to internet. As a result, security threats and attacks are critical issues which are needed to be address.

In addition, provides mobility for devices in differentnetwork area require different security measures and configuration to be configured such as user device registration and authentication in PMIPv6 inter/intra-domain as well as providing fast delivery of multimedia content. In this paper, we introduce new architecture for N-Screen services which allows the streaming of application based on N-Screen technology using Personal Video Recorder function built-in micro data center and Proxy Mobile IPv6 technology in cloud computing environment. Through utilizing this service, we can clearly solve the issues mentioned above and have a better understanding. We compare our work with others where it shows better performance.

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