Algorithms and Applications for Community Detection in Weighted Networks

Community detection is an important issue due to its wide use in designing network protocols such as data forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) and worm containment in Online Social Networks(OSN). However, most of the existing community detection algorithms focus on binary networks. Since most networks are naturally weighted such as DTN or OSN, in this article, we address the problems of community detection in weighted networks, exploit community for data forwarding in DTN and worm containment in OSN, and demonstrate how community can facilitate these network designs.

Specifically, we propose a novel community detection algorithm, and introduce two metrics: intra-centrality and inter-centrality, to characterize nodes in communities, based on which we propose an efficient data forwarding algorithm for DTN and a worm containment strategy for OSN. Extensive trace-driven simulation results show that the proposed community detection algorithm, the data forwarding algorithm, and the worm containment strategy significantly outperform existing works.

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