A high performance VoLTE traffic classification method using HTCondor

Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) is a VoIP-based multimedia service which is provided using All-IP based LTEnetworks. VoLTE service was first commercialized by Korean telcos in 2012, and now more and more telcos are trying to adopt this technology. With the increased VoLTE service popularity, it is inevitable to have large VoLTE traffic volume (possibly degrading the service quality) and the potential attacks (possibly degrading the service reliability and availability) in the near future. Therefore, in order to avoid such potential issues, we need to perform thorough analysis on VoLTE traffic. As a first step, we propose a VoLTE traffic classification method and its distributed architecture.

As the proposed classification method relies on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technique, it severely suffers from the large processing time and scalability issues. To overcome these issues, we further propose a distributed architecture for VoLTE traffic classification by adopting a high throughput computing framework – HTCondor. We performed a set of experiments using real-world traces captured from a commercial LTE core network, and have shown that with the proposed architecture, we can achieve up to 23.869 Gbps classification throughput which was almost 35 times faster than the system without distributed processing.

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