WBAN with Cloud Thesis

    WBAN with Cloud Thesis is developed especially for research scholars at the time of their academic completion. WBAN with Cloud enables end–to–end communication between patient and services via gateway. In recent days, WBAN uses IEEE 802.15.6 standard which was enabled to support short range communication at low–power. The major characteristics considered are,

  • Bit rate
  • Modulation type
  • Channel bandwidth
  • Frequency band
  • Latency
  • Multiple access scheme
  • Maximum supported packet size
  • Hop based communication
  • Network topology
  • Authentication and Privacy support
  • Coverage range
  • Network technology

   The sensed signs from a human are transmitted to cloud for connecting to corresponding services. At present smart phones are popularly used worldwide, hence such devices are used in WBAN with Cloud related concepts.   WBAN with Cloud Thesis is initiated from identification of problem and define solution to that problem. Defined solution should be highlighted in thesis to enrich the novelty proposed in this particular research area. Thesis writing is a lengthier process for beginner but not for our technically expertise thesis writer. Aim your destination we discover your hurdle free path to attain it.

For more ideas, have a look over the following WBAN with Cloud Thesis titles,

  • A Design function of double balanced Gilbert cell mixer intended for WBAN applications [WBAN with Cloud Thesis]
  • An effective function of High gain development off-body antenna used for underground mining communications system
  • An innovative collision of NLOS based on path loss along with channel capacity of a MIMO off-body system inside a mine system
  • A novel structure for Wide band implantable antenna operating at MedRadio band in favor of MBAN devices system
  • An inventive performance for Noise-Power-Area Optimized Biosensing Front End in favor of WBANs and Medical Implantable Devices
  • An ingenious function of Body as a network Node scheme
  • The new process of Assessment based On-Body Skin-Confined Propagation meant for Body Area Network
  • A novel function of Wideband phantoms of different body tissues for heterogeneous models into body area networks
  • The successful mechanism for Wearable health monitoring via capacitive voltage-mode Human Body Communication system
  • An inventive process of sub-nJ CMOS ECG classifier designed for wireless smart sensor
  • The valuable Performance evaluation in favor of reliable communications destined for wireless in-body sensor networks
  • A fresh function of Cyber security for Wearable Devices based on Experimental Analysis along with a Vulnerability Assessment Method
  • An innovative mechanism for Tissue-Independent Implantable Antenna in support of In-Body Communications at 2.36–2.5 GHz scheme
  • A design source for Dual-Band Hybrid Antenna Structure by Spatial Diversity in favor of DTV and WLAN Applications [WBAN with Cloud Thesis]
  • A ground breaking performance for Multi-sensor wearable devices intended for movement monitoring in Parkinson’s disease