WBAN Thesis

     WBAN Thesis is effectively handle by our team members who are highly interested in this research area. Wearable health monitoring system design in WBAN resolves the problems in traditional wired communication. E-Healthcare monitoring systems is focused in many research papers that discusses the processes of,

  • Lightweight encryption algorithm
  • Sensor data aggregation
  • Transmission scheduling
  • MAC protocol design
  • Home based patient monitoring system

     Some of the recent topics cover in e-health are given; a WBAN Thesis can be comprised of combination of any area into a single work for novelty and advancement. The flexible structure of WBAN has enable to integrate with Internet of Things for designing advance technologies and support globally. WBAN Combine with Internet of Things which involves the following concepts,

  • Channel selection
  • Multi–hop Communication
  • Time synchronization
  • Congestion control mechanism
  • Security and Privacy providence
  • Radio Frequency Identification
  • Energy efficient monitoring

    WBAN Thesis writing is a skill which requires both academic knowledge and language knowledge. Our team is capable to design with novel ideas and techniques to sharpen the contribution of thesis. We support comprehensive study over the entire thesis, so that it helps you to excel your viva voice.

Have a look over the following topics concentrated in WBAN Thesis,

  • An efficient Performance evaluation of reliable communications meant also for wireless in-body sensor networks system
  • On the use of an Inductive Antenna Impedance for Analysis and also Design of a Passive Receiver Front-End system
  • A new practice for Transmission-Rate-Adaption Assisted Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation also by QoS Support into WBANs [WBAN Thesis]
  • An inventive process of Priority-Aware Truthful Mechanism also for Supporting Multi-Class Delay-Sensitive Medical Packet Transmissions in E-Health Networks
  • A new source of Secure and efficient key generation and also agreement methods for wireless body area networks
  • A novel study based on Ground Electrodes of Capacitive Coupling also for Human Body Communication system
  • The fresh function of Dual-Band Dual-Mode Button Antenna also for On-Body and Off-Body Communications scheme
  • A new technique based on IoT-enabled on Channel Selection approach also for WBANs
  • A new source function of Reliability modeling for anomaly detection algorithms used also for Wireless Body Area Networks
  • An inventive process based on appraisal of workspace challenges and also wearable solutions into railroads and construction method
  • The new practice of on improving diffusion performance of IEEE802.15.6-based MAC protocols also into Wireless Body Area Networks
  • A competent process of Next generation ITS implementation aspects also into 5G wireless communication network
  • An innovative performance also for System Reliability Modeling Considering Correlated Probabilistic Competing Failures [WBAN Thesis]
  • An effective process of Cloud-assisted home health monitoring system
  • An inventive system process of Physical-Statistical Channel Model also for Off-Body Area Network