Towards an Analysis of Security Issues, Challenges, and Open Problems in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become popular in diverse domains such as e-Health, e-Home, e-Commerce, and e-Trafficking, etc. With increased deployment of IoT devices in the real world, they can be, and in some cases, already are subject to malicious attacks to compromise the security and privacy of the IoT devices. While a number of researchers have explored such security challenges and open problems in IoT, there is an unfortunate lack of a systematic study of the security challenges in the IoT landscape.

In this paper, we aim at bridging this gap by conducting a thorough analysis of IoTsecurity challenges and problems. We present a detailed analysis of IoT attack surfaces, threat models, security issues, requirements, forensics, and challenges. We also provide a set of open problems in IoT security and privacy to guide the attention of researchers into solving the most critical problems.

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