Mobile Edge Computing Thesis

    Mobile Edge Computing Thesis is present for a proposed concept in a specific research area. A qualified thesis lifts up your propose concept and leads to achieve high score in your academy. Mobile Edge Computing has the characteristic of proximity that enables Device–to–Device communication. User satisfaction and Quality of Experience is being attain in this emerging Mobile Edge Computing. Different applications handle in Mobile Edge Computing are hosted at Mobile Edge Server which is present in the core network. This Mobile Edge Computing is implemented using different Software.

Few Mobile Edge Computing Development Tools

  • Network Simulator 2
  • Network Simulator 3
  • Objective Modular Network Testbed in C++
  • iFogSim
  • EdgeCloudSim
  • And More

    Thesis in this research domain requires a person with in-depth knowledge to carry over the proposed concept without any lag in the thesis. We aggregate all the thesis requirements from you and deliver your thesis before deadline. Any revisions required in the delivered thesis can be discussed with us then we make changes accordingly. We assist you to reduce your thesis pressure that is put on over your shoulders.

Some recent topics in Mobile Edge Computing Thesis are listed for your ideas to select your own research area,

  • An inventive mechanism for load balancing scheme intended also for sensing and analytics based on a MEC network scheme [Mobile Edge Computing Thesis]
  • An effective process of Energy-efficient RA in software-defined mobile networks also with MEC and caching methodology
  • A new process of Virtual resource allocation designed for information-centric heterogeneous networks also by mobile edge computing system
  • An innovative mechanism for Cooperate Caching using also by Multicast designed for Mobile Edge Computing in 5G Networks
  • An inventive process of EMM based on Energy-Aware Mobility Management used also for MEC into Ultra Dense Networks
  • On the use of Practical Enhancement and Evaluation of a Low-Latency Network Model also based on Mobile Edge Computing
  • An innovative mechanism for Mobile Edge Computing-assisted video delivery architecture intended also for wireless heterogeneous networks
  • A new methodology to design radio network information Web services intended also for mobile edge computing
  • A fresh process of Resource Allocation designed for Information-Centric Virtualized Heterogeneous Networks also with In-Network Caching and Mobile Edge Computing
  • An innovative mechanism for Energy-efficient M2M communications by mobile edge computing also in virtualized cellular networks
  • An effective function of Joint computation offloading, resource allocation and also content caching into cellular networks through mobile edge computing
  • The new performance process of Joint computation and radio resource management used also for cellular networks by mobile edge computing
  • An inventive process of Energy efficient mobile edge computing also in dense cellular networks [Mobile Edge Computing Thesis]
  • The newfangled practice of Computation discharging game also for an UAV network in mobile edge computing
  • An innovative performance for Efficient Discharging Control in Cloud Radio Access (CRA) Network also with Mobile Edge Computing