Manet Projects in NS3

NS3 a network simulator for packet level simulation we do NS3 simulation projects for network researchers and computer science, electrical communication engineering students. We write NS3 simulation program in C++ executable code and python scripts. We provide NS3 as discrete event simulation tool which execute every event based on simulation time for M.S projects. We design various network models; QOS performance, application architecture and evaluation are achieved by NS3 simulation tool. We offer NS3 simulation projects as novel or integrated approach to networking.

Ns3 Simulation Project

NS3 simulation projects:

We have capability to simulate all wireless communication networks such as Wi-Fi, WI-Max and LTE by NS3. We developed all projects based on Elsevier journals.

MANET simulation in NS3:

We implement MANET which contains huge number of mobile node and is complex in real world application because all nodes are mobile in nature. We support unicast, multicast and any cast routing protocol in NS3 by Manet projects. We use ant colony optimization in MANET to establish reliable routing path from source to destination in academic projects. Mobile Adhoc network faces various issues are node mobility, path maintenance, message overhead, path failure, congestion are solved by NS3 simulation projects. We handle bandwidth constrain, energy constraint operation, dynamic capacity, link capacity and physical security problem are solved by NS3 simulation projects in MANET. We implement Adhoc on demand distance vector, dynamic source routing and destination sequenced distance vector by NS3 simulation projects.

Features of NS3:

We adopt following features in NS3 for student projects are:

  • Integration.
  • Direct code execution.
  • Scalability.
  • Tracing facility for getting output.
  • Cross layer.
  • Live visualize.
  • Real network connection.


We use wireless body area network composed of various sensor device to monitor blood pressure, glucose level and human body temperature. We implement NS3 simulation projects to analyze WBAN performance. We ensure NS3 real time simulation model by WBAN sensor node, signal transmission control and monitoring system. We provide ECG report monitoring system. Other health monitoring system and ICU patient monitoring system are resulted projects are developed by NS3 and simulation of WBAN.  We implemented more than 85 projects in wireless body area network by our developer team.

Challenges Faced in Manet Projects