Traffic Management – Anomaly Detection Projects

    Traffic management – Anomaly Detection Projects are developed for the students pursuing their final year Engineering under different branches and also for Scholars doing Research in this field. Tremendous developments in the field of networking resolved several challenges and critical issues. Anomalies are one of the major problem which requires a real–time monitoring system to detect those anomalies. Network anomalies are involved in different types of networks that are illustrated below.

Key Challenges of Anomaly Detection

  • Noisy data arrival
  • Data labeling
  • Validation after analysis
  • Difficulty to use in different applications

Anomaly Detection majorly focused on

  • Software Defined Network
  • Cellular Networks
  • Fog based Networks
  • Wearable Sensor Networks
  • Social Networks
  • Industrial Networks
  • Fifth Generation Networks (5G)
  • In–vehicle Networks (Vehicular Networks)
  • Railway Communication Services
  • ZigBee Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Software Defined Network with Cloud
  • Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

   Traffic management – Anomaly Detection Projects involved analysis of network behavior to capture all the suspicious activity happened in the network. Traffic flow patterns are monitored to protect the system against anomalies. The volume of network traffic is huge and hence an efficient Anomaly Detection algorithm is required which is defined by our incredible research team. We people also assist other project domains like Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Android, Power Electronics, Embedded Systems and more.

Awesome topics covered in Traffic management – Anomaly Detection Projects,

  • The fresh practice for Detecting Botclouds at Large Scale for Decentralized and Robust Detection Method aimed at Multi-Tenant Virtualized Environments [Traffic management – Anomaly Detection Projects]
  • A design and development for Sky Shield of Sketch-Based on Defense System Against Application Layer in DDoS Attacks
  • An Innovative method for PMU Fog Based on Early Anomaly Detection used for an Efficient WA- PMU Network
  • On the use of unsupervised deep learning structure for anomaly detection based on Fast hardware assisted online learning scheme
  • An original mechanism for anomaly detection methodology meant for enterprise files integration system
  • A pioneering mechanism for S-Transform Based on FFNN Approach used for Distribution Grids in Fault Detection and Classification method
  • An effective mechanism for design methodology for Early Fault Detection Method with Deep Manners
  • A firsthand mechanism for Self-Adaptive Deep Learning-Based on System for Anomaly Detection into 5G Networks
  • The novel technique for Distributed Anomaly Detection System aimed at In-Vehicle Network By means of HTM system
  • The novel technology for Observer-based on Anomaly Detection of Synchronous Generators designed for Power Systems Monitoring practice
  • An original mechanism for Anomalies Detection in Real-Time Ethernet Data Traffic Applied to PROFINETMethod
  • An outline practice for Massive Concurrent Data Streams based on AnRAD for a Neuromorphic Anomaly Detection
  • The novel technique for Data-Driven Resiliency Solutions aimed at Boards and Systems
  • The fresh practice for Rule Anomaly-Free Method of Security Function Chaining into 5G system
  • An Efficient mechanism for Unsupervised Parameter Estimation designed for One-Class Support Vector Machines [Traffic management – Anomaly Detection Projects]