SDN Thesis

    SDN Thesis is the work done by students and scholars for the completion of their propose novelty in project. Our skilled thesis writer’s are capable to rejoice the SDN concept and highlight novelty present, good writers implies with null plagiarism in SDN Thesis.  SDN have reached each edges of the universe due to its use of advanced technologies and adaptability for each application. This Software Defined Networking Thesis is designed for any one of the following application,

  • Smart city
  • Smart grid
  • Video streaming
  • Military environment
  • Deep packet Inspection
  • Firewall
  • Industry
  • Business
  • Anomaly detection
  • Content delivery
  • Network monitoring’
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Information sharing smart system
  • Secure data transfer
  • Network virtualization

According to the applications of SDN, the type of controller is varied for the achievement of better performance results. The Software Defined Networking controllers are enabled to communicate with other network devices that take part in the network. The supportability of multiple devices for such different applications is the major attractiveness in SDN. A good concept is appreciate until it is deliver in appropriate format. We and our energetic team members are ready to take your concept to heights with their professional writing skill.

We have pointed out some of the latest topics for SDN Thesis,

  • The new-fangled process of self-governing forward Algorithm Based on Multidimensional Spatial Superposition Model also in SDN system
  • An effectual method also for Dynamic load balancing in SDN-based on data center networks [SDN Thesis]
  • The fresh function of vPROM also based on VSwitch enhanced programmable measurement in SDN scheme
  • An original mechanism for One Pass Packet Steering (OPPS) used also for stateless policy chains in multi-subscriber SDN
  • An innovative process of rebuilding of control plane of distributed SDN against large-scale disruption and also restoration system
  • An intellectual load balancer designed for software defined networking also based on cloud infrastructure system
  • An efficient mechanism of Load balancing in SDN based networks also by additive increase and multiplicative decrease (AIMD) technique system
  • An effective performance for Metro-scale optical access supporting service convergence and SDN controlled reconfigurability system
  • An innovative purpose of NF-switch based on VNFs-enabled SDN switches designed for high performance service function chaining
  • A new-fangled development of preventing collusion between SDN defenders anc attackers by a game theoretical approach method
  • A valuable process of FlowVista function of Low-bandwidth SDN monitoring driven also by business application interaction system
  • An effective function of Virtual network migration on the GENI wide-area SDN-enabled infrastructure method
  • A new development process of MSAID system based on Automated interference detection also for multiple SDN applications [SDN Thesis]
  • An innovative development of fall detection scheme on Android smartphone based Application to a SDN-based IoT system
  • An effective usage of SDN-based service automation intended for IoT