Resource Management in Long Term Evolution Thesis

    Resource Management in Long Term Evolution Thesis is undergo as a final work of candidates pursuing M.Phil and Ph.D. Radio resource management in Long Term Evolution is a significant function that includes resource allocation for macro cells, resource allocation for small cells, scheduling the arriving packets, managing handover due to mobility, link adaptation and radio admission control. All the user equipment participating in this system is dynamic, so the allocation of resources is complex. This Radio Resource Management in Long Term Evolution can be implemented using the following simulation tools,

  • Network Simulator 2
  • Network Simulator 3
  • OMNeT++
  • And more

   Implementation of the proposed concepts also plays a major role in thesis for the submission of evidences based on our proposed novelty. The subject of thesis is detailed by our technical writers to highlight the novelty. A writer with in–depth knowledge on this particular research area is assigned for your thesis. We need only your requirements and final thesis delivery is as expected by you.

   Yet to choose your research area, just have a view on the following concepts listed out for Resource Management in Long Term Evolution Thesis,

  • An imaginative mechanism for Unsupervised Long- Term Evolution D2D also based on a Study for Safety-Critical V2X Communications
  • On the use of Reinforcement Learning for LTE-Advanced Network also based on Cell Performance-Optimization Scheduling Algorithm system
  • An inventive performance for cloud native solution intended for dynamic auto scaling of MME also in LTE scheme [Resource Management in Long Term Evolution Thesis]
  • On the use of real traces based on Analysis and also modeling of mobile traffic system
  • An innovative performance also for QoS-Aware Power Management into LTE-A Networks Under Heterogeneous Traffics system
  • The new mechanism for TV White Space and LTE Network Optimization to Energy Efficiency into Suburban and also Rural Scenarios
  • A proficient practice for Preamble Collision Resolution Scheme by Tagged Preambles meant also for Cellular IoT/M2M Communications system
  • An efficient performance for Soft frequency reuse based interference minimization technique for LTE-advanced heterogeneous networks method
  • An effective intelligent eNodeB mechanism for lte uplink based on neural network system
  • A novel Study of different resource allocation scheduling policy into advanced LTE by carrier aggregation system
  • An innovative process of Centralized Clustering Based on Hybrid Vehicular Networking Structural design for Safety Data Delivery system
  • The new process of Execution aspects of hierarchical radio resource management scheme intended for overlay D2D [Resource Management in Long Term Evolution Thesis]
  • An effective mechanism for Analyzing impact of path loss models based on probability characteristics of wireless network with licensed shared access outline system
  • The new technique based on MultiPath TCP to support user’s mobility in future LTE network
  • An innovative mechanism for Smart Concurrent Learning Scheme designed for 5G Network: QoS-Aware Radio Resource Allocation