Performance evaluation of 802.11p WAVE system on embedded board

Recently, communication between vehicles has been a popular research topic. IEEE defines the IEEE 802.11p/1609.x protocol stack, also known as the Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE) as vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle radio communication standard. Lots of researchers from academia and industry have focused on the topic for a long time. Most of them presented the performance evaluation of 802.11p on simulation platforms, but few available test-beds occur into our vision due to the high cost and low availability.

In this case, great effort had been put to develop a test-bed using commercial off-the-shelf Alix3D3 system board, which consistently compliances with IEEE 802.11p/1609.X protocol standard. Furthermore, we have also evaluated the performance of the system in terms of average delay, delivery ratio and its support for WAVE application in real-world environments. Compared to the simulation platform, the results tested from different scenarios in real-world environments are more convictive. Overall, our main objective is to present a test-bed of 802.11p WAVE system, and provide a performance evaluation of the standard in real-world environments.

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