New couple-resolution blocking tag identification protocol in RFID systems with capture effect

In RFID systems, some applications require to identify tags repeatedly. Many protocols have been proposed for this purpose, which quickly reidentify staying tags within communication range of the reader using the information obtained from the previous tag identification process. However, none of them considers the capture effect and may not work properly in real wireless communication environments. When multiple tags reply simultaneously to a reader and the capture effect takes place, the reader considers the strongest signal as a successful transmission and the others are ignored.

In this paper, we analyze the impact of the capture effect on the identification performance of couple-resolution blocking (CRB) protocol. Modifying CRB protocol, we also propose a new capture effect-aware anti-collision protocol. Via computer simulation, we show that about 40% of slots can be reduced with the proposed protocol from the state-of-the-art protocol, GBT in a random topology when more than 20% of tags stay in the communication range of the reader.

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