Multiple Input Multiple Output Projects

  Multiple Input Multiple Output Projects are focused by students of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Other students interested on this particular area are also invited to study this area. Multiple Input Multiple Output is constructed for increasing the performance of wireless communication. The idea of Single Input Multiple Output is the key for introducing Multiple Input Multiple Output. Multiple Input Multiple Output antennas can be fed into Access Points, Fusion Center, Micro base station and Macro base station. Due to the availability of multiple antennas, selection of best signal results with higher efficiency and increases Quality of Service. The major merits of Multiple Input Multiple Output are depicted below:

  • Link reliability
  • Increased data rates
  • Resist interference
  • Minimized bit error rate
  • Coverage maximization
  • Beam forming
  • Transceiver and Receiver diversity
  • Multiplexing gain
  • High Spectral and Energy efficiency
  • Multipath Parallel signals
  • Reduced fading effects
  • Widespread network coverage

   Projects in other domains are also assisted by our team for final year students, we assure you enhancements and alterations if any required.  We offer theoretical and practical explanations for a project at affordable price. Gaining project knowledge helps to excel your career.

   For more Project ideas, have a glance over the listed topics for Multiple Input Multiple Output Projects,

  • An effective performance for Fundamental limits of covert communication over MIMO AWGN channel method
  • A proportional study of channel coding techniques intended for MIMO-CEM system by IF sampled 1-bit ADC system
  • A new technology for Channel reciprocity with capacity analysis by means of outdoor MIMO measurements scheme [Multiple Input Multiple Output Projects]
  • An inventive process of Simulation Framework designed also for Multiple-Antenna Terminals into 5G Massive MIMO Systems
  • An innovation process of Performance also based on MIMO-NOMA into Visible Light Communication Systems
  • The novel technique for Detection performance of MIMO radar also by correlated target scattering coefficient method
  • An imaginative process of Optimal Power Allocation into Zero-Forcing Assisted PMSVD-based on Optical MIMO Systems
  • The process of Downlink Throughput Capacity for Hybrid Wireless Networks also by MIMO scheme
  • A creative method for Compact printed UWB MIMO antenna through also pattern diversity characteristic intended for portable devices
  • A competent function of Constant envelope robust waveform intend for MIMO radar also in support of parameter estimation system
  • An efficient mechanism for MIMO monopole microstrip antenna designed also for LTE scheme
  • The novel technology in favor of Multiuser media-based on modulation designed also for massive MIMO systems
  • A new mechanism for MIMO vs. conventional radar performance against also jammers system
  • An effective practice for Evaluation of polynomial matrix SVD-based on broadband MIMO equalization also into an optical multi-mode testbed scheme [Multiple Input Multiple Output Projects]
  • An inventive practice for High isolation two-element MIMO antenna array also based on embedded meta-material cells system