Middleware for Data Sensing and Processing in VANETs

In urban environments nowadays there are a multitude of mobile devices that have several ways of communicating with each other, which become more and more powerful and used in every day activity. The most important characteristic of these devices is that they can supply useful information for a detailed vision of the area that they cover, especially when they travel a large distance.

By gathering all this particular data and then processing it, we can obtain a global image of different aspects like traffic flow, pollution, weather condition, and all this with the help of the mobile users. In this paper we present a middleware for sensing data in Vehicular Adhoc Networks that uses the OSGi framework and tries to simplify the work made by application programmers by using the API prototype provided. This concludes in building, deploying and maintaining applications that will process the data acquired from sensors and deliver real-time information useful to the users.

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