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  • Real-time localization of articulated surgical instruments also in retinal microsurgery
  • Automated integer programming based separation of arteries and also veins from thoracic CT images
  • Automatic coronary artery calcium scoring in cardiac CT angiography also using paired convolutional neural networks (MATLAB PROJECTS)
  • Slic-Seg: A minimally interactive segmentation of the placenta also from sparse and motion-corrupted fetal MRI in multiple views
  • A Chebyshev-Gauss Pseudospectral Method also for Solving Optimal Control Problems
  • Forward Affine Point Set Matching also Under Variational Bayesian Framework
  • SAR Image Despeckling by Sparse Reconstruction also Based on Shearlets
  • Nonlinear Control for Multi-agent Formations with Delays in Noisy Environments
  • Neural Network-based Adaptive State-feedback Control for High-order Stochastic Nonlinear Systems
  • State Feedback Stabilization of Stochastic Feedforward Nonlinear Systems with Input Time-delay
  • A Direct Swing Constraint-based Trajectory Planning Method for Underactuated Overhead Cranes
  • Iterative Dynamic Diversity Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained Optimization (MATLAB PROJECTS)
  • Adaptive Synchronization of Networked Euler-Lagrange Systems with Directed Switching Topology
  • Sampled-data Consensus of Multi-agent Systems with General Linear Dynamics Based on a Continuous-time Model
  • Cooperative Tracking Control for Networked Lagrange Systems: Algorithms and Experiments