LTE SON Projects

    LTE SON Projects are develop for final year students pursuing their B.E/B.Tech and M.E/M.Tech. SON is a type of network that is designed with different functionalities to achieve higher network performances. The three significant features involved in SON are deployment, operations and planning. It is stated that Next generation of mobile networks will adopt LTE SON for efficient communication. LTE SON Projects are concentrated in the following,

  • Inter–Cell interference coordination
  • Load balancing
  • Automatic neighbor relations
  • Handover optimization
  • Location management
  • Energy saving mechanism
  • Radio resource management strategies
  • Interference mitigation
  • Downlink scheduling
  • Fault management
  • Security algorithms
  • Spectrum sharing schemes
  • Attacker’s detection and prevention
  • Adaptive transmission mode selection
  • Random access channel optimization
  • Resource allocation schemes

   LTE SON is broadly classified into centralized SON, Distributed SON and Hybrid SON, due to its specialties it is likely studied in-depth by researchers. Your own theoretical project concepts are also supported by our team to build a novel methodology. Never stop your project dream until it is achieved. We provide 24/7 customer support only for student’s benefit to create successful academic completion.

  Some of the recent innovative topics in LTE SON Projects are listed below,

  • An effectual improved proposal system into neighbor list planning designed also for LTE SON radio access networks
  • A new technology of Self Coordination with through SON Functions also into LTE Heterogeneous Networks system
  • An inventive SON Function for Steering Users into Multi-Layer LTE Networks also Based on Their Mobility Behaviour method
  • A fresh process of Machine Learning Based on Session Drop Prediction into LTE Networks and also Its based on SON Aspects scheme [LTE SON Projects]
  • An inventive process of Extended shadow fading model designed also for irregular cellular networks system
  • The new development of Planning and Optimizing based Mobile Backhaul intended also for LTE scheme
  • An imaginative process of influence based dataset size on performance of cell outage detection approach also into LTE-A networks
  • A novel technology of Cell outage detection based on enhanced BP neural network into LTE system
  • An efficient system of game model based on cell load into LTE by self-optimizing network
  • A ground-breaking process of Constraint Optimization-Based on Resolution for Verification Collisions into Self-Organizing Networks
  • The new-fangled process of Joint scheduling and power control into multi-cell networks for inter-cell interference coordination system
  • A new source function of SON conflict diagnosis into heterogeneous networks system
  • An innovation source process of centralized algorithm for adaptive coverage in next generation cellular networks [LTE SON Projects]
  • A new technique for Diagnosis Based on Genetic Fuzzy Algorithms used for LTE Self-Healing system
  • An efficient technology for SIP amplification attack analysis and also detection into VoLTE service network