LTE Projects

    LTE Projects are involved by students those are interested toward computer networking and wireless communication. LTE supports participation of different devices into the network such as smart phones, sensors, vehicles, machines, surveillance cameras, laptops, etc., the major advantage on using LTE is its uplink and downlink rates. LTE Projects involved with the following concepts,

  • Power Management
  • Resource Management
  • Handover schemes
  • Energy harvesting
  • Antenna technology
  • Device-to-Device Communication
  • Congestion control
  • Handover authentication schemes
  • Packet scheduling
  • Resource allocation
  • Multicast Device – to – Device Communication
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Carrier aggregation
  • Energy saving
  • Synchronization
  • Multi user bandwidth allocation
  • Machine – to – Machine Communication
  • Spectrum allocation strategy
  • Location tracking

   LTE Projects are focused in large number due to its real-time application in day-to-day life. All the above mentioned concepts can be performed in LTE with the assisted of our skillful developers being in this field. Your own ideas in LTE are also supported by our technical team having in-depth knowledge in LTE. Don’t drop your project ideas, until knowing the possibilities by our team. Research guidance is also provided for PhD / MS, we maintain 100 % research confidentiality.

We have picked up some significant titles under LTE Projects,

  • An innovative Optimal Access Class Barring Parameter Configuration in LTE-A Networks and Performance Analysis process by enormous M2M Traffic system
  • An effective function of Adaptive packet scheduling and radio RB allocation intended also for LTE-A toward 5G relaying communications system
  • A new technique based on Performance validation of NS3-LTE emulation used also for live video streaming under QoS parameters [LTE Projects]
  • The new process of Self-backhauled autonomous also in LTE mesh networks
  • An inventive function of LTE signal fingerprinting localization based on CSI system
  • The new-fangled source of Traffic offloading also for 5G based on L-LTE or Wi-Fi method
  • An inventive mechanism for Self-tuning of service priority parameters also used for optimizing Quality of Experience in LTE scheme
  • The new source of CDMA-based on IoT services also with shared band operation of LTE in 5G
  • An inventive mechanism for BoLTE based on efficient network-wide in LTE broadcasting system
  • An effective function of Rethinking in LTE network intention based on also by virtualization system
  • A new-fangled development of LTE-based optimal resource allocation scheme also for delay-sensitive M2M deployments coexistent with H2H users system
  • An efficient mechanism for 3GPP LTE-Advanced Congestion Control also Based on MIH Protocol
  • A competent mechanism for Connection Establishment in LTE-A Networks also based on Justification of Poisson Process Modeling system
  • An inventive mechanism for RESCUE based on Renewable Energy Small Cells used also for Utility Enhancement in Green LTE HetNets system
  • A modern mechanism for All-Digital LTE SAW-Less Transmitter also among DSP-Based on Programming of RX-Band Noise [LTE Projects]