Design of a lead-lag compensator for position loop control of a gimballed payload

In the last few years Digital controllers are widely used because of their excellent qualities of simplicity, effectiveness and they are applicable for broad class of systems. At present their involvement in industrial processes is more than 95%. They generally relate to accuracy, relative stability and speed of the response so as to yield an optimal control system for the given purpose.

In this paper, the control of gimbal has been stated for the defence application mounted on the tank. A gimbal is a mechanical arrangement, which is used to isolate the payload from the moving vehicle. This is particularly used in line of stabilization systems and inertial guidance systems [1]. These systems require very fast and accurate control within a particular bandwidth. In the present problem, the digital controller is implemented using frequency domain approach in order to control the rate of motion of platform, meeting the stringent requirements of disturbance attenuation and robust stability.

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