Coupling colloidal nanocrystals to Optical Tamm plasmons

Optical Tamm plasmon states are electromagnetic modes confined at the interface between a Bragg mirror and a metallic film. These states offer coupling to photonic states in a relatively narrow solid angle in both TM and TE polarizations, and quality factors of a few hundreds to thousands in the visible and near infrared domain with limited fabrication difficulties.

When a metallic disk of a few microns radius and tens of nanometers thickness is deposited on a Bragg mirror, the Tamm states remain confined in the disk surface, so that a Tamm states cavity is obtained. We describe here the characterization of 2D Tamm states by spectroreflectometry and the photoluminescence properties of a layer of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals embedded in a Tamm cavity, for which Tamm plasmon confinement effects are demonstrated.

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