Comparation of Strategies for Data Replication in VANET Environment

High vehicle mobility and frequent topology changes of VANET have negative influence on performance of data distribution in such network. If cars are not connected through VANET, they are not able to access data owned by each other. Data availability in VANET is therefore lower than in standard wirednetworks. Most of the solutions of data distribution in VANET are focused on the packet routing.

On the other hand, our solution is using database replication as the method for the distribution of a data in VANET network. We are looking at VANET as distributed database system. Replication of data in such a distributed database system can be used to reduce the impact of intermittent node connectivity in VANET and to improve access of a node to data. To solve this problem we have designed a special query language suitable for distributed database systems in VANET. We have also designed replication algorithms for data distribution at each node in VANET.

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