CDMA Thesis

    CDMA Thesis is accomplish for students and scholars to represent their research ideas under a specify topic. CDMA technology is extended ahead in use of optical fibers that is call as Optical CDMA which transfers data via light pulse. Matlab (Simulink) and other network simulators are best implementation software to create OCDMA transmitter model. OCDMA is applicable for both centralize and distributed communication over underwater cellular networks, their applications are,

  • Underwater application:

-Localization in underwater

-Via TDOA scheme

-Via RSS scheme

-Optical Sensor network communication in underwater

-Monitoring system in underwater

-Unmanned vehicle in underwater

-Video transmission


-Submarine management

  • Military application
  • Commercial application

OCDMA is develop in many significant applications which can define as hotspot of wireless communication at present, these current research areas are well analyzed by our world class technical team members. CDMA Thesis writing is guaranteed by our experts along with enhancement support that is provide for 24/7. Little ideas make impact to bring out newer and bigger concepts with our strong support until 100 % satisfaction.

CDMA is discussed quite a lot in communication research areas; hereby few titles are listed in the following,  

  • An effective performance for CDMA Modulation Technique also in favor of Automotive Time-of-Flight LiDAR Schemes
  • A new-fangled technique of Analysis based on multiple-access interference used also for CDMA signals [CDMA Thesis]
  • An innovative performance for CDMA signatures also based on the shortened minimax binary sequences system
  • On the use of multi-rate MC-DS-CDMA in Time-Frequency-Wavelength (TFW) domain spreading also based on new code assignment strategy used for optical communication link system
  • An effectual mechanism for Bit error rate expression of MC-CDMA system also in α-μ fading channel
  • On the use of adaptive power and sub-carriers allocation under imperfect CSI also in MC-CDMA based on Capacity enhancement systems
  • An efficient process of Precoding used for Sparsely Spread MC-CDMA Downlink also by Discrete-Alphabet Inputs system
  • A fresh Distributed Resource Allocation Assisted via Intercell Interference Mitigation also in Downlink Multicell of MC DS-CDMA Systems
  • An effective performance of Fast Gaussian Process Regression meant also for Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA system
  • The new process of Harvesting-Throughput Tradeoff designed also for CDMA-Based on Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks by Wireless Energy Harvesting
  • An innovative mechanism also for RF-Input Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier via Octave Bandwidth
  • An ingenious process of Asynchronous detection used also for machine-to-machine systems with code division multiple access schemes
  • An effective performance also for Bayesian Approach to Adaptive RAKE Receiver system
  • A new method designed also for Spatial Modulation Aided Sparse Code-Division Multiple Access [CDMA Thesis]
  • A new source Code Division Multiple Access also into Centimeter Accuracy Harmonic RFID Locating System