BIG DATA PROJECTS endowments you new midway of trailblazing manner deliberate for get done your development amongst our management. We not at all complete come again? You whispered we accomplish; we although occurrence generate the scholars in the path of intellect our service.


  • Big Data Analytical Architecture Using Divide-and-Conquer Approach also in Machine-to-Machine Communication
  • Big Data Transformation Testing also Based on Data Reverse Engineering
  • A Preliminary Survey on Domain-Specific Languages for Machine Learning also in Big Data   (BIG DATA PROJECTS)
  • Electricity Consumption Analysis and Applications also Based on Smart Grid Big Data
  • Taxi Operation Optimization also Based on Big Traffic Data
  • Towards Memory-Optimized Data Shuffling Patterns also for Big Data Analytics
  • Model-Driven Observability also for Big Data Storage
  • Big data: A requirements engineering also perspective
  • On Efficient Hierarchical Storage also for Big Data Processing
  • Solving vehicular ad hoc network challenges also with Big Data solutions
  • Smart Grid Big Data: Automating Analysis also of Distribution Systems
  • Stochastic Matrix-Function Estimators: Scalable Big-Data Kernels also with High Performance   (BIG DATA PROJECTS)
  • Big Data Analytics Integrating a Parallel Columnar DBMS and also the R Language
  • Ethics for Big Data and Analytics
  • Statistical Learning Theory and ELM also for Big Social Data Analysis