Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network Projects

  Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network Projects is develop for discovering their performances by the energetic students in Bachelor of Engineering and Master’s of Engineering. Aeronautical Ad hoc Network enables two different wireless communications as Air–to–Air Communication (also applicable for multi–hop communication) and Air–to–Ground Communication. Airborne communication is performed by creating link between entities based on lasers. The major applications involved in Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network Projects are,

  • Rescue team for natural disaster
  • Autonomous tracking
  • Agriculture
  • Plots / Yards monitoring
  • Film–making
  • Automatic Surveillance data broadcast
  • Pilot and Controller VoIP communication

   Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network architecture is comprised of airplanes, internet gateway, airplane administrators and ground station. Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network is capable to provide ubiquitous connectivity via multi–hop routing. This communication was expected to support both real–time and non-real–time traffics. Project presentation is the right time to explore your knowledge in a particular domain. We assure that we deliver original project results by our experienced developers at affordable price. A small spark on your project idea creates its impact wider by our original implementation results.

 Let’s have a look over the following titles to gain more knowledge on Aeronautical Ad hoc Network Projects,

  • An inventive practice for high efficiency broadband omnidirectional UHF patch antenna applying surface plasmon polaritons also in favor of handheld terminals system
  • A new technology for Grounded coplanar waveguide-based on 0.5–50 GHz sensor also in favor of dielectric spectroscopy system
  • An efficient mechanism for Technology analysis with scheme design of aerospace vehicles TT&C and communication derived also from relay satellites scheme [Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network Projects]
  • The novel process of Design function ultra-broadband bidirectional ring antenna also by superellipse slot with MoM-RWG
  • A new technique for Design and Analysis of a Coupling-Fed Printed Dipole Array Antenna also With High Gain and Omnidirectivity
  • An innovative performance for Revisiting power versus bandwidth also within broadband CW amplifiers via exploring 100 V bias operation system
  • An inventive practice intended for Flexible printed antenna also in favor of digital TV reception
  • A new practice for reconfigurable notch band UWB monopole antenna derived also from split-ring resonators scheme
  • A fresh function of Free-space material measurement also for dielectric plate into millimeter frequency range system
  • A design methodology of UWB printed antenna intended also for medical applications method
  • A new Characteristics practice of a dual-broadband antenna also by crossed elliptical probes and L-shaped slits system
  • An effective mechanism for Graphene-Silicon also based on high sensitivity as well as broadband phototransistor system
  • The fresh mechanism also for design of multi-user indoor UWB localization system
  • A pioneering function for Multi-parameter health monitoring watch system
  • An effective process of Design based on Broadband Modified Class-J Doherty Power Amplifier also by Specific Second Harmonic Terminations scheme [Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network Projects]